2 months ago

Dear ERG community on over the world,
- In the past time, the whole world has suffered from the influence of the covid19 pandemic, ERG has also been affected by the pandemic. Therefore, it has affected the development roadmap and initial estimates. Going through these hardships, we have been forced to make adjustments to overcome and move towards the next development steps in the original plan.
- And a great encouragement for us is that ERG is still supported by the global community, every day we continuously receive encouragement and suggestions via emails from many members.
- Thank you to all the global community for trusting and accompanying our Company during the difficult period due to the impact of the pandemic in the past time.
-We are pleased to announce to the entire community that the company has transformed after overcoming difficulties in the past time, the ecosystem is gradually perfecting and generating profits. We are in the process upgrade and expand the ecosystem platform to confirm the scale and potential in the coming time.
We and the development team are determined to make ERG a leading corporation in technology.
- To respond to those beliefs, we will definitely aim at the long-term values of the community along with the success of our corporation.
- We inform you that we will issue the last batch of shares from September 9, 2021 to September 22, 2021.
- Followed by the exchange that will operate in February 2022.
- We have made a decision to open withdraw function in March 2022.To ensure the interests of our Community.
- We thank the investor's cooperation with our company.
Best regards,
ERG Team.